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Dr. Guillermo Viesca Ramírez

Professional License: 7308430 | Specialty License: 11068718

Hello! I am a Specialist in Integrative Medicine with over 11 years of experience, during which I have successfully treated more than 1,500 patients.

I am certified by the Mexican College of Integrated Medicine and am a member of the Mexican Society of Obesity, as well as the Mexican Association for Multidisciplinary Study of Metabolic Syndrome.

I use technology such as InBody and specialized therapy for metabolic diseases. During your first consultation, I will create a detailed medical history with the intentional goal of identifying primary or secondary causes of your issue.


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  • General Medicine at the University of Monterrey (UDEM).
  • Specialization in Integrated Medicine at the University of Monterrey (UDEM) Metropolitan Hospital.
  • Mexican College of Integrated Medicine.
  • Member of the Mexican Society of Obesity.
  • Member of the Mexican Association for Multidisciplinary Study of Metabolic Syndrome, AMESI.
  • Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and Obesity from the Monterrey Institute of Technology.
  • SCOPE Certifications.
  • InBody.
  • Specialized therapy for metabolic disease.

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Non-surgical treatments

If you’ve already been told that your situation requires surgery, ask for a second evaluation with me! I have cutting-edge equipment that will be very helpful on your weight loss journey, and unlike fellow nutritionists, I can prescribe medications. If you have more questions, call me or send me a WhatsApp, and I’ll be happy to discuss your case.

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