Dr. Guillermo Viesca Ramírez

InBody System

Certified specialist by the Mexican Council of Integrative Medicine with over 11 years of experience, providing care at his clinics in Monterrey, Torreon and Saltillo.

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InBody System

This technology is non-invasive and allows for a quick and precise analysis of body composition.

What is body composition?

Body composition refers to the elements that make up our body and the total weight of these components.

The analysis of body composition involves evaluating what these components are.

Benefits of the InBody System

  • It measures the impedance value of the trunk, arms, and legs separately.
  • It ensures high precision by using a combination of high and low frequencies simultaneously.
  • It guarantees high reproducibility with the 8-Point tactile electrode system, including the use of the thumb electrode during the test.

You should also know that InBody does not use empirical data, so variables such as age or gender do not affect the system.

Who can use the InBody System?

InBody is not only useful for patients with edema, kidney diseases, or obesity; it can also be used in various fields of medicine, as well as in sports, research, fitness, and nutrition, among others.

The main difference between InBody and other body analyzers lies in the following:

  • Multi-frequency measurement that separately measures Intracellular Water and Extracellular Water.
  • Speed in measurement, as it takes between 30 seconds and 180 seconds for each measurement.
  • No use of empirical estimations based on statistical results: assessment of current body composition.
  • Impedance measurement of each segment, including the trunk.
  • Direct segmental measurement through the use of 8-point tactile electrodes.

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