Non-surgical treatments

No need to undergo surgery necessarily: request a second opinion. I have the technology to thoroughly evaluate your case and can prescribe medications or dietary supplements.

Body weight and fat measurement by InBody

InBody does not rely on empirical data. Variables like age and gender do not affect the results. On the contrary, it provides research-level body composition results. The test with this technology takes less than 2 minutes.

Treatment with medications

Typically, when visiting a nutritionist, medications are not prescribed as part of the weight loss treatment. However, my medical specialty (Integrated Medicine) allows me to prescribe medication for my patients without any issues.

Treatment with supplements

This range of products includes vitamins and minerals, herbs and other botanical products, amino acids, and enzymes, among others. They come in many forms such as pills, edible gummies, powders, liquids, teas, and even bars.

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