Success stories

The following cases involve patients who needed more than just diet, as their conditions included metabolic issues.

Case 1 – Julio

This patient has successfully lost over 50 kg, and thanks to comprehensive monitoring, he was able to cure his type 2 diabetes. His treatment initially involved the Low Glycemic Index (LG) diet, later transitioning to GLP-1, and currently, he is being treated with the Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF) diet and supplements, completely eliminating the use of medication.

Case 2 – 40-Year-Old Patient with Insulin Resistance

A 40-year-old patient with insulin resistance initially underwent treatment with the Low Glycemic Index (LG) diet, along with some medications, including GLP-1. Later, she was treated with the Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF) diet. Currently, she maintains her weight with a regular diet recommended by the specialist. The patient has successfully maintained her weight for over 2 years without regaining it.

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